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Lake County Animal Resources

Lake County Animal Services

A foster program for dogs, cats, and the larger variety. Be a helper and provide a temporary home for adoptable pets waiting for the perfect person or family.
you may contact the director of this great program:

This inspiring book of Darby's life shows just how bringing a rescue pet into your life can entertain and enrich. Darby was an incredibly loved family member. In an industry where we see so many devasting outcomes, do what we do.
Children and adults of all ages should hear/read this story, it inspires caring and compassion for all living creatures.
Denise Johnson, Director, Lake County Animal Care and Control, California

Lake County Animal Care and Control, California

A proactive public service for animals of all sizes.
Please check out the list of adoptable animals
Telephone Number 707-263-078


Animal Coalition of Lake County

A spay and neuter program providing voucher for pet owners ( Dogs and Cats)
The telephone number for financial support and to receive certificattes for the spay and neuter program.
Director of the program may be reached at
Clearlake, California

Martha Steward,
Mar 7, 2010, 7:31 AM