Darby Supports The Happy Act For Pet Owners

Martha Steward's Books

Martha Steward lives in Northern California with her adopted pets Bear, Mim, Goober and Widdles. Let's not forget Picabo the little horse that could....


Martha was inspired to write after her grown son left to serve our country. A Story between Darby and a 6 year boy growing up together on a farm in Northern California.

Darby's Story is just the start of defining love and devotion.

Please share the message and the inspiration of Darby's Life.

This inspiring book of Darby's life shows just how bringing a rescue pet into your life can entertain and enrich. Darby was an incredibly loved family member. In an industry where we see so many devasting outcomes, do what we do.
Children and adults of alll ages should hear/read this story, it inspires caring and compassion for all living creatures.
Denise Johnson, Director, Lake County Animal Care and Control, California

Martha Steward,
Jan 24, 2010, 10:13 AM