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Darby's Story is just

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love and devotion.

A delightful Family/Children's book encouraging pet adoption. A heart felt story, the family wanting a special gift for Christmas...


Martha was inspired to write this book to

'pay forward' the years of love and adventures the family shared with Darby. In bringing hope to all rescue animals they will find their forever home.


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A tribute to readers and animal lovers.**

 ISBN 9781449027759 


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A Mom's Choice Awards Silver Recipient for Best Book: Animal & Pet Care 


Martha enjoys writing children's books about adopted pets. Supporting non- profit animal organization and Literacy programs.


 Her future plans to publish a series of four  books concerning animal adoption. Martha provides a personal encounter with her own adopted animals. Sharing the warmth, the antics and adventures her beloved animals share.


Bangle Bear The Tale of a Tailless Cat, a unique feline with wonderful tales to share. Bear provides her own thoughts through out the day and the changing of the seasons. Discover how Bear trains her human pets and countless antics.


Widdles and Goober Find a Home, A delightful story of two stray kittens, lost and hungry for food and love. 


Picabo The little Horse That Could, An inspiring story of three rescued mares. Each endured their fate, until hope came to save them. 








The attachment below is the press release article from the www.lakeconews.com written by the editor Elizabeth Larson Oct 31, 2009.


Bangle Bear Spring Release 2011
Inside View: I asked to visit with her. She was mature and fixed she had a bit of a belly so I figure she was a mother at one point in her younger years. Her health record explained she was spayed. To prevent unwanted kittens. I was pleased the past owner had taken care of spaying the cat.
The cat room assistant opened the cage, reached in and then turned around, placed her in my arms. Once in my arms, she felt solid she weighed in about 20 pounds, a big girl. The cat held on to me, like Velcro, she was using her claws in not a harmful way, just a means of saying,
"Thank you, I am so afraid and lonely, please do not let me go."
While in my arms I softly stroked her coat, so soft I thought to myself. The softness of her coat felt like a rabbit fur, the richness of her short hair was gorgeous I was delighted to feel her coat. The cat relaxed in my arms, she purred contently. She and I spent some time together.
She would look up at me and displayed a cat smile while I talked to her in a soft soothing tone.
Back Cover: Chris Holmes DVM endorsement
"As I read Bangle Bear, an adopted cat children's story, with my 10 year old daughter, I was once again reminded that the most productive way of changing society's views and values of animals is by teaching them to our children. Bangle Bear's story teaches us that even the "throw away" animals that end up homeless can be adopted and provide their new family members with so much love and devotion. Bangle Bear is an excellent children's book introducing children and families to the joy and delight of adopting a pet into your home, a Forever Home.
Martha Steward's books, including Darby's Story The Life of an Adopted Dog, brings a heart felt awareness towards adoptable animals. A cheerful message within her books explains the challenges and issues these adoptable animals face.
If we all do just a little, we can make huge changes in the animal world. They need our help."
Dr. Chris Holmes, DVM
Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic
Martha's Hope:  
The Happy Act (H.R.3501) for Pet Owners. A proposed resolution to amend the IRS codes for pet owners. The intention to be able to deduct pet medical expenses.
by U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI.).
To inform your congressman to vote YES.
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Martha Steward,
Jan 21, 2010, 5:16 PM